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The next edition of the Industrial Subcontracting Exhibition will be held at the Poznań International Fair on 3-6.11.2020. Matchmaking Subcontracting Meetings have been their inseparable part for several years, which allow to associate the offer and the needs of subsequent companies and their representatives. These meetings are invariably enjoying ever-increasing popularity. Only in 2019 there were 353 meetings of 138 participants, coming from 14 countries. This year they will be held on 4-5.11.2020.

The effectiveness of cooperative meetings that we organize results from the following issues:

1. Clear situations "without a pig in a poke"

Arranging a meeting of two "matching" to each other entrepreneurs is possible thanks to prior registration for meetings. It is then necessary to specify your industry and describe the offer. It is also worth determining what the buyer expects from the potential subcontractor he is looking for. It gives the possibility of much more precise and accurate filtering of profiles in the search engine and even better matching of the buyer and subcontractor.

2. The most important is a good first impression

Apparently, the first 3 seconds are decisive when it comes to forming an opinion about someone. For this reason, we pay so much attention to the external appearance. The basis of the company's image in this case is a professional business card. A description of the company in our system is needed in two places - as information about the company and as a cooperative profile.

The title of the cooperative profile appears right next to the company name, which directly affects the effectiveness of the selection of potential partners.

3. Time is money - we focus only on effective meetings

The matchmaking platform on which you can register allows you to send an invitation to both - the client to the subcontractor and the subcontractor to the client. All meetings must be accepted for the meeting to be on schedule. In addition, it is worth maintaining all standards of business culture and inform the person who issued the invitation about its acceptance or rejection.

4. Flexibility, timeliness and accuracy

The meetings will be held from 4-5.11.2020, between 11:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.. Every day, ten half-hour sets will be held, which will be used for conversations. To maintain order, the suggested number of meetings per day is no more than 9. It is also possible to individually adjust the schedule in the event of conflicting any dates of individual people.

5. The wishing table, cover yourself!

The organization of matchmaking meetings in a professional conference room, in comfortable conditions and at tables is a deliberate procedure. Exhibitors' stands at market halls that are often crowded, to such an extent that it is impossible to reach decision-makers in order to have a conversation. Eye-to-eye meetings are an opportunity to quickly verify the offer of your interlocutor, potential cooperation conditions and preliminary negotiations.

6. We have our KNOW HOW

Only last year there were 353 meetings of 138 participants, coming from 14 countries. Our event has been recognized by industry portals and numerous exhibitors, who from year to year are more and more willing to take part in it. The number of participants is steadily increasing and we are convinced that we have a way!




If you have questions related to Sumcontracting Meetings, please contact the event supervisor directly:


Barbara Kamińska

Co-ordinator Meetings Coordinator

+48 / 61 869 22 42, 691 031 381, e-mail: barbara.kaminska