Robert Męcina, director of SUBCONTRACTING 2024, invites you to take part in the fair in Poznań!


Industrial outsourcing in Poland has become an important sector of the economy, and domestic manufacturing companies are gaining popularity as an attractive partner for metalworking and industrial services entrepreneurs from other regions of the world. Why it is worth taking part in the SUBCONTRACTING 2024 Industrial Cooperation Fair in Poznań - this is what project director Robert Męcina says.


"Subcontracting - focus on your business. Many things others can do better.

How many companies produce their products themselves "from A to Z"? Probably, there are those whose products are less complex and whose production process is short. Worse, when the product is complex, and the component parts are made of different materials, using different technologies, requiring different "know-how". It is even more difficult when the manufacturer is a small, emerging company. It is then faced with the decision to finance its own machinery for the production of parts, warehouses, hire personnel, research work and try to specialize in "everything" or.... look for someone who will do some of these tasks cheaper, faster and better.

Subcontracing - I'm buying it!

The Subcontracting trade fair is a three-tier communication platform for industrial principals and subcontractors. In addition to the traditional trade show exhibition, we also enable contact between contractors even before the trade show. A few weeks beforehand, our exhibitors describe their production capabilities, and interested buyers make appointments with them through our system. This saves time and the trade fair becomes more efficient. The third element of Subcontracting is the content program, where our invited experts share their expertise in purchasing, production, logistics or warehouse management. This attracts not only specialists, but also company executives.

Subcontracting, as part of the ITM Industry Europe block of industrial fairs, is an international event. Several thousand professionals come to Poznan from all over Europe (and beyond) to look for new subcontractors. For exhibitors, it's a great opportunity to find occupancy for spare capacity, regardless of whether contract manufacturing is their core business or a secondary activity. It's really a great opportunity to promote themselves and become known to new customers. Visitors, in turn, can choose a supplier for their components here, from a sample screw or spring to complex assemblies or large welded structures or outsourced services.

See you in Poznań!"

Robert Męcina, Director of the Industrial Subcontracting Exhibition.


The SUBCONTRACTING fair will be held from 4-7.06.2024 on the grounds of the Poznan International Fair. At the same time it will be possible to visit the exposition: ITM INDUSTRY EUROPE and the Trade Fair of Logistics, Transport and Storage MODERNLOG.