SUBCONTRACTING 2024 - grow your business through new partnerships


The SUBCONTRACTING 2024 trade show is a meeting place for the subcontracting and cooperating industrial community from home and abroad. Participation in the event is an investment in the development of the company, which provides an opportunity to establish long-term business relationships, attract new customers and gain a competitive advantage.


- Subcontracting 2024 is a three-tier communication platform for industrial principals and subcontractors. In addition to the traditional trade show exhibition, we also enable contact between contractors even before the trade show. A few weeks beforehand, our exhibitors describe their production capabilities, and interested buyers make appointments with them through our system. This saves time and the fair becomes more efficient. The third element of the Poznań Industrial Co-operation Fair is the substantive program, where our invited experts share their expertise in purchasing, production, logistics or warehouse management. This attracts not only specialists, but also company executives," stresses Robert Męcina, director of the Subcontracting Fair.

For four days, the exhibition showcases solutions and offers from companies with spare capacity, technology and personnel potential, offering services in the broad field of metalworking and services for the industry. A number of substantive lectures dedicated to buyers are also held, with the aim of imparting expert knowledge on improving the operation of supply chains. Inherent in the Subcontracting trade fair are also the two-day Subcontracting Meetings. A special online platform is used to schedule them, where you can view the available profiles of entrepreneurs, and then arrange the details of a stationary 30-minute meeting.

- As part of the Subcontracting Fair 2023, 62 companies from 6 countries (Finland, Spain, Lithuania, Germany, Poland, Ukraine) presented their latest subcontracting offer, while as many as 100 participants from 15 countries discovered the superpowers of networking at Subcontracting Meetings. Conferences in the SUBCONTRACTING-I'M BUYING IT! attracted purchasing industry professionals in large numbers to the Trends for Industry Stage in Pavilion 5A. There was also a lot of interest in the events prepared by representatives of the Metalworking Cluster - the National Key Cluster.recalls last year's edition of the fair, Director Męcina. - We are not slowing down and this year we have a snoot for more! I invite you to participate in Subcontracting on June 4-7, 2024," he adds.

Hope to see you in Poznań!

The SUBCONTRACTING fair will be held from 4-7.06.2024 on the grounds of the Poznan International Fair. At the same time it will be possible to visit the exposition: ITM INDUSTRY EUROPE and the Trade Fair of Logistics, Transport and Storage MODERNLOG.